Gripmode Infinity Goalkeeper Gloves

Gripmode Infinity Goalkeeper Gloves

  • PALM - Roll Negative 
  • LATEX- 4mm super sticky Griptec® Latex
  • WRIST- Single Elastic Wrist Strap 
  • BACKHAND - Soft Neoprene
  • FIT - Precise Fitting Glove

Weather: All Weather Glove, Peel the plastic off, for an even better grip wash and dry prior to use! Made for Rain or Shine, in any condition.

Grip: This latex is super sticky 4mm Griptec® Latex is one of the top Latex's used in the world, it will provide amazing grip and provide great feel for the ball.

Cut: Roll Negative Cut is designed to be a close fitting or precise cut. This will allow for the keeper to have a better feel for the ball. It will feel like the glove is a part of your hand and allow the keeper to focus on proper technique.


  • How can I get a gripmode Athlete.I hope you will answer me.

    Felix Schmalzmaier

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