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More than 50,000 goalkeepers wear the goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeper equipment from our Gripmode Shop.
You rely on function, protection and innovation!

Born to Fly Kollektion Gripmode

More than just good goalie equipment

An intensive development and design phase goes into every Gripmode goalkeeper glove. It is about offering goalkeeper equipment and beyond, to develop the best goalkeeper gloves the market has ever seen. Behind Gripmode is a team that is on the pitch itself and knows exactly what is important.

The fact that the first batch of our newly developed goalkeeper gloves was completely sold out within 24 hours and that we receive orders from all over the world every day confirms that the market was ripe for innovation. You need goalkeeper equipment that suits your game? Then our goalkeeper store is the right place for you. You will find goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper protective clothing and also goalkeeper accessories.

Kickoff for the Gripmode Goalkeeper Shop

Founder Mike had the idea for Gripmode in 2018 during his sports scholarship in New York. He was looking for goalie gloves himself, but the off-the-shelf offerings didn't meet his needs. Too expensive, too short-lived, not durable enough. In his career as a keeper, Mike has tested a lot of goalkeeping equipment and made the decision to develop his own goalkeeper gloves.

With the passion for the game, the expertise from years of experience and the high demands on quality, Gripmode, the store for goalkeepers was born. After months of development and design processes, the first prototypes of Gripmode goalkeeper gloves hit the market in mid-2018. Demand was so high that the first batch sold out within 24 hours.

Mike decided to relocate his goalkeeper store to Switzerland and bring even more power to the company with his family. From the ambitious goal of giving everyone access to high quality goalie equipment, Gripmode GmbH was founded in 2021. In the meantime, more than 50,000 goalkeepers from all over the world wear Gripmode goalkeeper equipment. The idea developed into an international brand in a rush.

What distinguishes good goalkeeper gloves?

For goalkeeper gloves, the cut, the design and the material are crucial. Especially the latex, which provides grip on the palm but also the mesh, neoprene or Breathaprene, which provides good air circulation, are crucial. A high-quality goalkeeper glove defies all weather conditions and helps the keeper to control the ball perfectly - whether on artificial or natural grass, in sun or rain.

A goalkeeper's performance depends not only on his tactics, playing strength and catching technique, but also on his equipment. To lead your team to victory, you need equipment that supports you. From our own experience we know that the market often does not keep up with the demands, that's why we founded Gripmode, the goalkeeper store for high-quality goalkeeper gloves and equipment. You will find goalkeeper gloves that not only protect your hands and joints, but also improve your playing skills. Simply because they fit like a second skin and make sure that you can fully concentrate on defending the ball. They give you 100% ball control through their cut and maximum grip through Griptec latex. We have developed goalkeeper gloves with the following cuts:

In our Goalkeeper Shop you will also find bags, backpacks and lifestyle items that will make your everyday life as a goalkeeper and footballer:in easier.