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The family business Gripmode

The inspiring story of GRIPMODE originated in Zurich, Switzerland and was brought to life by Mike. He set himself the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the world of goalkeepers. In the meantime, more than 50,000 goalkeepers around the world wear Gripmode goalkeeper gloves and actively shape the success story.

Michael "Mike" aka Modern Goalkeeping

Michael "Mike" Bolvin, the visionary founder and CEO of Gripmode.

Mike himself is a goalkeeper with heart and soul and a great role model for many children and young people across all walks of life. He gained his professional experience as a goalkeeper with Fortuna Düsseldorf in Germany, among others. Mike aka "Modern Goalkeeping" produces rousing videos featuring top stars from renowned soccer clubs, which are shared via social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to get kids, teens and adults alike excited about the fascinating world of goalkeeping.

Mike lets his wealth of experience as a goalkeeper flow directly into the development of GRIPMODE products. He personally takes care of the selection of materials, the creation of the designs and the cuts of the respective GRIPMODE goalkeeper glove models. Mike stands with his name for highest quality and best possible performance at GRIPMODE.

Elena- Mother, Leadership & Finance

Elena, Mike's mother and biggest fan, actively supports her son and enriches the company with her immense entrepreneurial knowledge. Together with Mike and Gilbert, they form a perfectly harmonizing team. As an experienced businesswoman, she also bears responsibility for the administrative as well as the financial area and ensures that the company stands on solid feet and can continue to grow healthily.

Gilbert- Father, Logistics & Communication

Gilbert, Mike's father and an integral part of the family business, brings an impressive wealth of expertise in logistics, controlling, corporate culture and finance. He acts as a reliable pillar and ensures cohesion within the team. In addition to communicating with customers, Gilbert also takes care of exchanges with suppliers, employees and business partners in order to establish and continuously develop processes in a long-term and sustainable manner.

With a high demand for service orientation and quality, Gilbert sets standards for himself and the entire GRIPMODE team to ensure an outstanding customer:inside experience together.

GRIPMODE Philosophy: Passion & Quality

From the love of goalkeeping - from keeper for keeper!

Despite its impressive growth, GRIPMODE remains true to its family structures. Communication channels are short, efficient and goal-oriented.

Values such as down-to-earthness, excellent service, first-class quality and sustainable action are of central importance to the company.

"We are proud to have loyal customers around the globe. That is why we are committed to providing them with the best possible standard of service. Respectability, quality and sustainability form the supporting pillars of our corporate philosophy and are our top priorities."

GRIPMODE - An idea that makes history

In 2018, during a sports scholarship in New York, founder Mike came up with the idea for GRIPMODE. As an active goalkeeper, he was looking for suitable goalkeeper gloves, but the existing offer did not meet his expectations - it was too expensive, not durable or robust enough. Based on his many years of experience as a goalkeeper and the knowledge he had gained through various goalkeeping equipment, he decided to develop his own goalkeeper gloves.

After months of tinkering, the first prototypes of the GRIPMODE goalkeeper gloves were launched in mid-2018. Enormous demand led to the first run selling out within 24 hours.

Mike moved his goalkeeper store to Switzerland to join his family in driving the company forward in a more focused way. With the ambitious vision of giving everyone access to high-quality goalkeeping equipment, GRIPMODE GmbH was founded in 2021. Today, over 50,000 goalkeepers around the world are proud wearers of GRIPMODE goalkeeping equipment, and the idea has rapidly developed into an international brand.