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Travelling the world with the Classic Rollfinger in South Korea

Mit dem Classic Rollfinger in Südkorea auf Weltreise

You already know that Mike already knows large parts of the world. Now the journey went to South Korea.

Mike has collected great experiences in South Korea at Gangwon FC and wanted to dedicate himself to a new challenge.

Therefore he went to South Korea together with his luggage (glove: Classic Rollfinger). At Gangwon FC, Mike was allowed to participate in the playing and training operations of the professionals.

Experience that also served to optimize the Gripmode products. Together with the goalkeeper coach and the goalkeepers on site, Mike talked about the topic of gloves, quality standards and optimization potential. In the video you can see a great interview with the goalkeeper coach of the club, but you also get great insights into the training work of the hosts.

Mit dem Classic Rollfinger in Südkorea auf Weltreise Modern Goalkeeping

The mix of classic training modules, including many modern methods result in an exciting training concept. "The days at Gangwon FC were a lot of fun for me, we could laugh a lot together", Mike adds.

"The trip in Korea was just really, really awesome. I was able to gain great experiences. The training inspired me because the people at Gangwon FC soccer club were very welcoming. The training was very instructive, and I also got feedback on our products, positive of course. I was also impressed by the hospitality of the local people," says CEO Michael Bolvin about his experience in South Korea.

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