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Training at the highest level - GRIPMODE as a guest at Grasshopper Club Zurich

GC Zürich Blog beitrag

Mike and GRIPMODE made an exclusive stop at the most successful club in Swiss soccer history.

Grasshopper Club Zurich is the most successful soccer club in Swiss soccer history. The club has been doing outstanding work for decades and, with its academy, also ensures successful youth soccer in Switzerland.

Jörg Stiel Gc Zürich

The club has reached pole position in the Super League a total of 27 times. GRIPMODE and "Mike" have a close connection to Zurich due to its proximity to Adliswil (GRIPMODE's headquarters). Cult goalkeeping coach Jörg Stiel welcomed Mike and his team with open arms. Jörg Stiel has celebrated great success as a goalkeeper in the soccer world. With the Champions League, UEFA-CUP and almost 100 appearances in the Bundesliga, Stiel went through all levels of soccer.

The day began for Mike with a small talk with Stiel and the goalkeepers. The players got to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere before Mike was allowed to change in the hallowed halls of the club's grounds. The catacombs of the licensed team, gym and canteen were shown during a tour. Jörg Stiel was very interested in the work of GRIPMODE and the social media platform: Modern Goalkeeping and had words of praise for Michael Bolvin and his team.

Gripmode GC Zürich Blog post

Jörg Stiel took a lot of time for Mike on the club's hallowed turf and gave him instructive input. Stiel also praised Mike's skills as a goalkeeper and explained his philosophy of goalkeeping to him at the end of the day. A successful day for all involved with lots of fun, enjoyment and, in particular, learning.

GRIPMODE would like to take this opportunity to thank Grasshopper Club Zurich, Jörg Stiel and the club's staff once again for giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the club.

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